1. Sean and Emma
    Forget that she ended up with Spinner (#whaaaaaat) these two were MFEO
  2. Ashley and Jimmy
    OMG So great! This is what middle school love should look like!!!!!
  3. Spinner and Paige
    So loving, so caring
  4. Craig and...
    Craig, dude, you are a heartbreaker I'm not going to put you on this list, but you're great.
  5. Eli and Claire
    Quite possibly better than Emma and Sean making them the best couple ever?????? Holy crap! Way to go guys!
  6. Sav and Holly J
    Naturally I want to say Sav and Anya, but Holly J and Sav were more fun (private strip tease while the school catches on fire fun).
  7. Snake and Spike
  8. Joey and Caitlin
  9. MIKE DALLAS and Ali
  10. Becky and Adam
    RIP Don't text and drive.