1. I never let my toenails go naked
    I hate feet, especially naked toenails on feet. Since I have to have feet for the rest of my life I try to make them look the least gross as possible.
  2. I like to keep my fingernails v short.
    If my nails get to long I pick at my cuticles and that look ain't pretty folks!
  3. I shower at night and go to bed with my hair wet.
    I have thick, straight hair that when left to air dry lies extremely flat upon my head. Showering at night gives me lovely volume with no effort. I literally just lie in bed for 8 hours.
  4. I have been 5'9 since fifth grade.
    This is the leading cause in why I didn't have a middle school boyfriend or make-out with anyone at Adriana's make-out parties.
  5. I played Mary in my preschool Christmas program and my first grade Christmas program
    I still remember some of my lines.