I taught third grade last year and moved to Kindergarten this year. It's been an adjustment. 😋
  1. Arnold in kindergarten cop is my inspiration
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  2. You honestly need to teach kids to close the door when they use the bathroom.
    IDK why the kids who laugh when other kids leave it open then, themselves leave it open. Probs has to do with the fact they are 5 and haven't been alive very long.
  3. You can tell who is an oldest child right away.
    Oldest child = problem child. Sorry to be controversial folks. If you are the oldest you haven't learned that you don't always get your way yet.
  4. Kids want to learn to read!!!!
    This is exciting!!! They want to know how sooooo badly. They are kind bummed that they can't do it after one week of school.
  5. It can be frustrating teaching kids to walk in a line.
    QUICK THINK: When was the last time you and a group walked single file anywhere??????? No where else in life do you walk in a single file line. That's why this skill is difficult to master at first. School's weird sometimes.
  6. They'll forget your name, then remember it.
    "TEACHER! TEACHER!" Turned into "Ms. Duhteen! Ms. Pateen!" Eventually. And that's sort of close to my name so I have high hopes for next week.
  7. Frozen is still Queen
    All of the girls in my class came to our open house in Frozen shirts and most of the girls have Frozen backpacks. They love it so much; It's too cute. The Just Dance video Let It Go KILLS it as a brain break.
  8. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Someone will poop their pants 💩💩
    It's fine, but all the kids forgot by the end of the day so his dignity was kept intact.
  9. It's helpful to remember that the kids on Teen Mom 2 are the same age as the kids in my class.
    I still LOVE Teen Mom 2 (and Teen Mom: OG!!!!) so this is a good reference point for where developmentally my class is.
  10. Most of the school forgets how clueless kindergarteners are.
    THEY CANNOT OPEN MILK CARTONS YET. Please be kind and don't get mad when it takes them so long to eat! 😃
  11. They started to catch on and learn!!! 🙀
    We all know that C makes the /k/ sound!!!! This is exciting because that was the MAJOR thing they needed to learn this week!!! I'm so happy!!!
  12. I'm so tired and my feet hurt. 😴
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    This is me lying on the floor watching Teen Mom 2. Will remain here for the rest of the night.