If you see one skating dinosaur spectacular this year this is it!!! http://bit.ly/1iOoLgp
  1. They say he's a menace, but I love him! Sure he smashes cities, but I love him!
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    This song belongs up there with "On My Own" from Les Mis or "Memory" from Cats. Being in love with Reptar is not easy but she can't help it!!
  2. Hey look! There's some kids on the ice / what we gonna do with somekids on the ice? / Quick! Somebody call their MOM
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    Deedee and Stu wake up and see where your kids are. Sheesh. THIS SONG IS DOPE THOUGH. Total improv. This Reptar is a great actor.
  3. Wedding song
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    "The wonders of life / When a lizard takes a wife / it's almost too much to bare." SO ROMANTIC!!!! Playing this at my wedding!
  4. I like to stomp and roar / HEY! I'm just a dinosaur!
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    Pretty straight forward, a great way to open this show.
  5. Dinosaur, dinosaur ancient enemy of man.
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    I mean technically man and dinosaur never interacted, but you bet if we lived the same time we would enemies!!! This song is still super dope.
  6. Reptar, Reptar, gotta find that Reptar
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    Being ranked last DOES NOT mean this song isn't great! The chorus really sings their heart out in this one.