It's going to be amazing

Things I naively believe I am going to do roughly between finishing my A-Levels and the end of university
  1. Get a tattoo, maybe on my shoulder, of a boa constrictor that has swallowed an elephant (from the outside) - people who have read The Little Prince will understand this reference.
  2. Identify at least one kindred spirit by showing them my tattoo and them knowing what it's meant to be, and not asking why I have a tattoo of a hat on my shoulder.
  3. Buy - and learn how to ride - an orange Vespa. Which should probably be preceded by having enough money to buy an orange Vespa. Which is unlikely.
  4. Ride my orange Vespa to prom, in my prom dress. If possible with my hair loose and blowing poetically in the wind, though this may be a step too far.
  5. Henna my hair Demelza red.
  6. Learn - or have already learnt - Georgian, and go to Georgia for like a month, literally only because it's my name.
  7. Open a shop called the Windowbox in the front window of our house, and sell random stuff through it.
  8. Live in a flat (with a balcony) on a really high floor in an apartment building, and get my friend to stand under the balcony so I can drop a water balloon exactly on their head. I would be happy to swap places if they had good enough aim.
  9. Fill the balcony up with mad - mainly spotty or striped - flowers that I can successfully keep alive for a longish time.