1. 2 minutes ago my dad excitedly offered me one of these:
    I think it's a Filipino treat he used to have back when he was a kiddie
  2. "What's that dad? Doesn't it have peanuts?"
  3. He replied with one of the saddest "oh"s I've ever heard in my life
    Like he was lamenting my poor, chocnut-less childhood
  4. I'm sorry dad. You know I'd be all over dem nuts if I could. I'd make you proud.
  5. And there are other things I'd eat too!
  6. Like these!
    I'M NOT BASIC. The media is saturated with images spotlighting peanut based food products which perpetuate standards of perfection. Realistic or not? I'll never know.
  7. Or any other type of confectionery:
    Snickers, picnic, peanut mnms! I'm sure I'm missing out on heaps. Do they make peanut skittles? Well, I'D EAT THEM TOO
  8. PB&J Sandwich
    This isn't such a big thing in Australia (I think) but I just imagine the more electric purple the jam is, the more magical the eating experience you'll have
  9. Pad Thai
    Aka what all my friends actually mean when they say they feel like Thai
  10. Kare-Kare
    A Filipino dish I always have to miss out on. After living abroad for a year, there was a big pot of this served at my welcome home party. Because nothing says "we missed you" more than EXCLUSION
  11. Wasabi Peanuts
    Don't know if I'd actually enjoy these... but I'd probably eat them anyway
  12. I dunno. I just really think I'd enjoy peanuts in my life.
  13. Any other suggestions?
  14. Paçoquinha
    My favorite candy, basically consisting of ground peanuts + sugar and/or salt. There are many variations in ingredients and shapes: some have cane sugar, glicose, milk (which I myself can't eat), etc.; some are circular, rectangular or roll shaped.
    Suggested by @Cris