I'm new to li.st, hello new friends! (Unless you do any of the following oh please, please have mercy and stay away)
  1. Starting conversations at inappropriate times and places
    Like in the quiet carriage of the train. Nooooo.
  2. Getting toast out of the toaster using a knife
    I have no hesitation in full force body tackling you to the ground to get you to stop doing that. Your safety is worth more than any piece of toast, boo.
  3. Washing dishes with anything other than steaming hot water
    It just FEELS cleaner. And having dishes that are 75% dry by the time I've finished washing is probably the most accomplished I feel on a daily basis.
  4. Watching videos in 480p (or less)
    If you can't really see a problem with this, you probably can't really see the videos you're watching either.
  5. Sneezing into your hands
    PSA: INNER ELBOW SNEEZES ARE THE FUTURE! Let's spread awareness, not disease!!!