1. 12: Smile - Judy Garland
    Mondays are depressing and this song makes me feel more normal.
  2. 13: The Way You Look Tonight- Frank Sinatra
    For some reason Tuesdays are romantic to me. This song is the perfect romantic tune and always makes my heart swell.
  3. 14: Magnets - Disclosure ft. Lorde
    Great song, great music video, my new favorite workout song. For Wednesday, because Wednesdays seem to need a trip to the gym.
  4. 15: Jurassic Park Theme - John Williams
    Thursdays are nostalgic.
  5. 16: You Made Me Love You - Judy Garland
    Absolute favorite song to belt out in the car on my way home. When I'm alone I sound JUST like Judy.
  6. 17: Summer Wine - Nancy Sinatra
    For when I feel like stealing some silver spurs and making wine.
  7. 18: I Want the World to Stop - Belle & Sebastian
    Sundays make me sad. This song makes me happy.