Musings from a functioning idiot
  1. Guys need to stay away from cruises
    Sure it starts well, but eventually there's a pool of blood, a missing man presumed dead, and a drunk spouse who passed out and has no idea what happened.
  2. The Cleveland Browns just need to stop
    Seriously. It's time. Your suckiness used to be funny. Now you make me sad. Does anyone not know how RG3's going to end up?
  3. I think I am there for I am I think.
    Yeah, that's right
  4. How is there a hall of fame for fishing?
    Standing in a boat, drinking...hall of fame. I seriously need to have a seat and think that through.
  5. Apparently cray cray is over.
    It's now relegated to things middle aged dads say to their kids when they don't know what else to say. This too strangely makes me feel sad. Probably because I'm a middle aged dad who didn't know what else to say when his 4 year old tells him dinosaurs don't have butts they have tails.