___ of the Month Clubs I Would Like to Join

  1. Jam
    specifically, sqrl's. I totally would, if it didn't cost $60/month.
  2. Cheese
    the epitome of Bougieness, and it sounds fantastic.
  3. *Customized* Wine
    I heard Michael Ian Black advertise for this company on his podcast. You take a quiz and then it sends you mini bottles of wines you might like. How very modern- Silicon Valley boug.
  4. Candles
    I've done some research and there are two noteworthy, albeit very different, candidates. One is Yankee Candle, I've never been but I know they have very loyal fans in the Midwest. The other is Flicker Box- they have themed boxes and a more "hip startup" feel.
  5. Any snack
    Choices on choices.
  6. Book
    Sounds great in theory, but there may be too many issues on either side to have this work out.
  7. Crush
    or "Cuddle Companion of the month club". Haven't found either yet but I think it's a pretty perfect idea- no commitment, only the good times. Also thinking the cuddle one would offer different packages: cat, dog, girl, boy or blanket.
  8. Chips of the month
    Why has no one thoughts of this yet?
    Suggested by   @stars