Lists to (Try to) Keep Up With

predating this app
  1. Names of people I've met/that have helped me in some way
    I was really good with this one for a while, haven't been so good recently.
  2. Movies people I respect have said are special
  3. Books people I respect have said are special
  4. Restaurants I love or want to try
    I recommend going on the google maps app and "starring" these restaurants/places; so the next time you're in Flintridge, and hungry, you know exactly where to go.
  5. Things to deep google eventually
  6. Ideas/inventions
    and hopefully look at again (and maybe do something with), but I have to work on that part.
  7. Foods to always buy at the market
    I actually don't have this one written yet, but I should.
  8. Places I want to go
  9. Things you want to do at the places I want to go
    considering these places are other towns, cities, or countries. If it's in your city/town, use the Google Maps app!
  10. Restaurants I will detour for when I take my cross-country road trip
  11. Boardless/cardless games to play with people (esp. when I'm the one doing all the talking)
    the question game, the game where you have to describe a word that rhymes with the prior word someone described, etc.
  12. Bath/Body/Beauty products someone you trust has recommended to you personally
    in a non-passive aggressive way
  13. Things I want to buy on Amazon but shouldn't
  14. Things I need to work on
    don't have this one, but I should.
  15. Longer articles to read
    I have several bookmarks (and apps: Instapaper- the better one, you can highlight- and Pocket), under several categories, on my computer, also Evernote web clipper. But I never go back. I'm thinking of doing a big computer cleanup this weekend. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to keep this kind of mess organized??!
  16. Texts/emails to send
  17. Questions to ask my doctor
  18. Easy, and last minute, trips to spontaneously take
    for me, there is also the prerequisite of "when I decide to become more spontaneous"