The Lyrics to A$ap Rocky's "Fashion Killa", Listed

Could not do a 'best lines' list, as it would take away from the integrity of the song as a whole. I'd like to thank @list for giving me an excuse/platform to actually break this song down.
  1. Her pistol go (bang bang, boom boom, pop pop) 2x
  2. Cause she a fashion killa, and I'm a trendy nigga
  3. I said her pistol go (bang bang, boom boom, pop pop)
    some variation of this repeats 2 more times
  4. Cause she a fashion killa, and I'm a jiggy nigga I said
  5. ~~~new verse~~~
  6. I said her pistol go (bang bang, boom boom, pop pop)
  7. Rockin', rollin', swaggin' to the max
  8. My bitch a fashion killa, she be busy poppin' tags
  9. She got a lotta Prada, that Dolce & Gabanna
  10. I can't forget Escada, and that Balenciaga
    might be my favorite line
  11. I'm sippin' purple syrup, come be my Aunt Jemima
  12. And if you is a rider, we'll go shoppin' like mañana
  13. Her attitude Rihanna, she get it from her mama
  14. She jiggy like Madonna, but she trippy like Nirvana
  15. Cause everything designer
  16. Her jeans is Helmut Lang, shoes is Alexander Wang
    North West's Uncle $euss
  17. And her shirt the newest Donna, Karan
  18. Wearin' all the Cartier frames
  19. Jean Paul Gaultiers cause they match with her persona
  20. ~~~chorus~~~
    same as the first paragraph
  21. I see your Jil Sanders, Oliver Peoples
  22. Costume National, your Ann Demeuelemeester
  23. See Visvim be the sneaker, Lanvin or Balmain
  24. Goyard by the trunk, her Isabel Marant
  25. I love your Linda Farrow, I adore your Dior
  26. Your Damir Doma, Vena Cava from the store
  27. I crush down with that top down, boys see how I ride 'round
  28. Mami in that Tom Ford, Papi in that Thom Browne
  29. Rick Owens, Raf Simons, boy she got it by the stock
  30. She ball until she fall, that means she shop until she drop
  31. And Versace: got a lot, but she may never wear it
  32. But she save it so our babies will be flyer than their parents
    poor babies tbh
  33. ~~~chorus~~~
  34. Scoop back tees, breeze in the coupe
  35. Smiling is your treasure, you're so well put together
    this one's half-promising...
  36. I see bags and rings, jeans and shoes
  37. Spikes and patent leathers if the fabric makes you different
  38. You and me, me and you
  39. Go away together, we could get away forever
  40. All emotions clashing, thrashing, someone turned the light out
  41. I met my baby, expressed my passion, on my fashion night out
  42. ~~~chorus~~~