Things I Pretended to Be an Expert in So Boys (or a Boy) Would Like Me

No shame in my game.
  1. Pink Floyd
    I even got my dad to buy me a T-shirt on eBay when I was no older than 11....
  2. Halo
    Cortana is the girl. The reason I know this is because when I would play 'real life' games of Halo with my younger brother, I would play Cortana (the only girl).
  3. Football
    I went to football camp at UCLA one summer because I convinced my parents it was a necessary part of my growth. I was one of two girls (but she was in a different age group). They often played shirts vs. skins. It was fun though.
  4. Paintball
    My older brother did it for a while, and I would talk about it during recess* like I knew something. I don't think we were even old enough to do it yet. * at my Jewish elementary school
  5. Weed
    I tried...