Things I've Said to Friends ~about Their Potential Boyfriends~ That Probably Weren't Cool

  1. "He looks a lot like your brother"
    "like, when you snap-chatted pictures with him, I thought you were with your brother... but it was so fast and blurry. Can I see some other pictures of him?" He looked A LOT like her brother.
  2. "He looks like he could be your brother"
    to a brother-less friend.
  3. "I feel like he's pretty insecure if he takes you to *Matsuhisa* when you said you wanted to go somewhere casual? Also lame"
    this was an especially weird one. I think she agreed.
  4. "I got this sense that he's a bit of a misogynist..."
  5. "... Econ major?"
  6. "No, don't say he isn't photogenic. I love slightly odd looking guys. The more imperfect the nose, the better- so honestly, I'm very into this"