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These are just a few a of my favorite people who slay my existence.
  1. Blake Lively
    I absolutely LOVE Blake Lively. I like how her style is pretty classic but she adds some standout pieces to her looks.
  2. Lea Michele
    Lea Michele slays. Whenever I see her in pictures she always looks so confident in her own skin which just enhances her overall style. I like how her outfits her relatively simple.
  3. Shay Mitchell
    Okay, so Shay Mitchell is an absolute GODDESS. She has such a cool style and I like how she pairs something expensive with something from like Forever 21.
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Here are my top 10 favorite emojis in no particular order: (btw I do kind of read into to these emojis a bit too much...)
  1. 😂
    I use this emoji pretty often (pretty much everyday of my life) so I figured I would put this as one of my favorites.
  2. 🌚
    I feel like you could use this emoji in any conversation or if you don't know what to text back, just text them a nice moon emoji.
  3. 😜
    This emoji pretty much describes my personality...
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