I'm kinda sorta obsessed with the Great Debates podcast. Can I come up with a debate-worthy topic for them?
  1. Argentina will never get its political shit together.
  2. Deaf people pull at your heart strings more than blind people.
  3. Capital One's commercials are awful.
  4. It's ok to have sex on a first date.
  5. We have too much salt on earth.
  6. Quail hunting is more fun than duck hunting.
  7. Left handed people should be able to set their plates with the fork on the right without fearing correction.
  8. Rope climbing should be back in the Olympics.
  9. Leonardo DiCaprio could survive longer in the wild than Tom Hanks.
  10. Halitosis is less desirable than facial acne.
  11. The flashlight function of a phone is its most underrated capability.
  12. You don't need to get dental x-rays every 2-3 years.
  13. Crossfit will have more staying power than Twitter.
  14. 2.5 days is the perfect amount of time to spend in Las Vegas.
  15. A basement is more desirable than an attic.
  16. Obama will be able to fill the open Supreme Court seat before he leaves office.
  17. The cover of The National Enquirer has a higher 'batting percentage' over the past 5 years than Miguel Cabrera.
  18. George Lucas will make a new critically acclaimed movie (with a Rotten Tomatoes score exceeding 80) before he dies.
  19. The A-team movie was better than the tv show.
  20. The $100 bill should be eliminated.
  21. Being married to Christina Aguilera would be "too much work".
  22. We need a yellow light on traffic signals.
  23. Yoga pants are the best thing to happen to fashion in the past 20 years.
  24. The price of gas is a better bargain than the price of a good book.
  25. Speeding tickets should be based on income levels.
  26. Lenny Kravitz should have more kids.
  27. Baked chicken is better than grilled chicken.
  28. Rodeos are more fun than circuses.
  29. There are more than two genders.
  30. Dating apps have improved the world.
  31. It's better to have a friend who is a lawyer than a friend who is a doctor.
  32. Baby showers should be for women only.
  33. Jules Verne has been more influential than Saul Bellow.
  34. Owning a parking lot is more work than owning a laundromat.
  35. Trying to "do what you love" is a bad career approach.
  36. Learning how to swim should be taught / required in schools.
  37. Fencing is a better entry point into an Ivy League than sailing.
  38. A pilates class is a better place to pick up single women than a yoga class.
  39. American Chinese food actually tastes better than authentic Chinese food.
  40. Wits and Wagers is a better party game than Settlers of Catan.
  41. A good roofer is harder to find than a good baker.
  42. Spending a week in a portaledge is worse than spending a month on duty on a submarine.
  43. Couples Halloween costumes are a bad idea.
  44. We should come up with a way to switch our corpus callosum on/off for fun.
  45. Dave Chapelle would be a better dinner guest than Malcolm Gladwell.
  46. Gambling should be allowed on flights.
  47. Fahrenheit is superior to celsius.
  48. Recycling is bad for the environment.
  49. It's harder to cut out sugar from your diet than it is to walk 15,000 steps a day.
  50. The evolution in science has been coupled with a de-evolution in the arts.
  51. The optimal Arnold Palmer is not a half and half - rather, it needs to contain slightly more lemonade and/or a real lemon slice.
  52. Alec Baldwin is more talented than Julian Schnabel.
  53. If you were a Roman gladiator, you would rather go up against a lion than 4 ravenous dogs.