Today is the last day of Aladdin at DCA. Here are Genie's ad lib jokes for the 2:20 show ranked.
  1. "That's a weird position for a rug... Sort of like the one on Donald Trump's head. "
  2. "Harry Potter gave Dobby clothes. Dobby is a free elf!"
    Explaining how Aladdin should use his third wish for granting his freedom.
  3. "Give it up for Elsa!" *applause* "let it go."
  4. "You get 3 wishes. No more. Except you get some "mistake" wishes that you will call "prequels", and then you will make another and everyone will forgive you."
    Y'all know what this is about.
  5. "That sounds good on paper... But so did Jar-Jar Binks."
    Response to Aladdin deciding he won't tell Jasmine the truth.
  6. "They're disappearing faster than Hilary Clinton's emails."
    Responding to the parade leaving the stage after the "Prince Ali" number.
  7. "Oh, I'm so sorry. Jafar is actually first runner up for Sultan. PHILIPPINES. Philippines is the Sultan."
    After granting Jafar's wish to be Sultan
  8. Aladdin: "I don't understand. Can anyone understand?" Audience: "Rub the lamp!" Random Guy: "Don't leave me!"
    Same Random Guy. Same.