Children's Movies That Frightened Me

But I still watched regularly for whatever odd reason
  1. The Black Cauldron
    The pig getting chased by the dragons. The Horned King raising a skeleton army. His face melting off. Enough things to fuel the nightmares of a small country. The terror does not hold up as the years pass though.
  2. We're Back: A Dinosaur's Story
    Dinosaurs in NYC what's scary about that? Nothing. It was the children who run away to the circus, who is run by a man with a screw for an eye, and make a blood oath to stay there. Oh and at the end of it, the screw guy gets eaten to death by his pet crows, and it is explicitly seen on screen.
  3. Secret of Nimh
    A mouse family gets forced out of their home. A creepy old rat gives the mom a pendent. Animal testing, they show the rats in intense pain, pretty sure you hear their screams (or maybe those were mine). A creepy old owl that lives in a creepy old tree.
  4. Mask
    It was like basically the kid friendly version of The Exorcist. He is possessed the entire movie people. And not to mention the villains version of the personification of the mask (and the correlating thunder storm too) was terrifying.
  5. Anastasia
    The major culprit here was Rasputin and his drooping face that was in a constant state of deterioration. And his little flask of green demons. Definitely had nightmares about parts of people's faces sliding off due to this. Still watched it on an almost daily basis.
  6. Pinocchio
    Still creepy as an adult honestly. Three words: Pleasure Island Sequence. Little boys turning into donkeys while crying and screaming out for their mothers. Scarring.