This topic has come up randomly a few times this week with acquaintances and family members with both the books and the show.
  1. It is more than a love story
    Albeit the tag line is a "time-traveling love story", or as my brother-in-law so lovingly put it, "chick porn". It is historical fiction, political espionage, war strategics, medical drama, philosophical and ethical debates, and time travel theory, all thrown into one!
  2. Yes, there is a lot of sex
    But so does GoT, and no one gives them a bunch of crap for it, is it because it is a male author?
  3. But the quantity of such scenes does diminish
    If you are like me and don't like gratuitous sex scenes in film/tv/books, that's great news! Besides when it boils down to it, if you are reading this particular book for those reasons you are in the wrong place (see the first bullet point).
  4. The TV show totally deserved it's numerous GG nominations.
    Especially Tobias Mendes as Frank/Captain John Randall. You cannot deny his ability to make you truly despise his latter character! The only true shock is how Sam Hueghan was snubbed (the season finale! 😭😭)
  5. With all this being said: Jamie and Claire ❤️
    Yes it is a love story. But that doesn't mean it is a two dimensional one.