1. Excitement, today is the day that determines your summer plans.
    It's like a trip to Disneyland. You have your game plan made. You set three alarms. You know the usual.
  2. Frustration, more specifically about any technical difficulties.
    What do you mean you don't recognize my code, you recognized it 2 seconds ago, why isn't the page loading.
  3. Anxiety, and no way to escape it because you just have to stare at the very computer screen that is causing your anxiety for up to an hour.
  4. The longer you are waiting the more condescending the "helpful hints" seem to be.
    The little yellow box is throwing some major shade.
  5. Despair, as more and more days become unavailable
    That little yellow box lets you know. Saturday gone. Friday gone. Preview Night gone. Thursday gone. Sunday gone. Hopes and Dreams gone.
  6. Or uncontainable joy because you actually got a ticket!