Inspired by @xtineengels
  1. Bridge
    Short. Simple. Classic
  2. Gidgette
    My personal favorite, but I might be shocked because people outside of my family rarely call me nicknames. No idea why.
  3. Gidgette a gogo
    Hence my username
  4. Stumblelina
    I was a clumsy child. A play on "Thumbalina"
  5. Stinker, Stink Face, etc.
    My loving father.
  6. Gidgey Poo Poo
    My sister.
  7. Poo Poo
    A nick name for the previous nickname. My sister also uses this for her dog...
  8. Gadget
    I tried to get this started for like 2 seconds when I was 11 IT WAS A PHASE.