Reactions to Being Locked Out of Your House

An adventurous saga.
  1. Why is the screen door locked?? Our key is only for the front door which is just beyond reach because of this stupid screen door.
  2. My key doesn't work on the screen door?
  3. Ugh fine. I'll just go around to the side door.
  4. Why is the side door locked?? It can only be locked from the inside!
  5. I'll just try the sliding glass door on the other side
  6. Why is this locked too???
  7. I'm sick I just want to lay down in my bed. This is too much effort...
  8. Okay the door to the back bedroom.
  9. This is locked too??? Why people why??
    It can only be locked from the inside!
  10. Time to call in reinforcements
  11. Time for some major parkour!
    Over a washing machine, through a window, and fish the ladder back out through the window
  12. Now I'm gonna go pass out