Like you could ever forget
  1. You are excited for the weekend
    Not because you get to party, but because you get to sleep and study.
  2. You pulled your bicep from lifting your school bag
  3. Every week you have convinced yourself that you have a new disease.
    Even the rare ones.
  4. You get excited when you get a class with an 8am start time
    You mean I don't have to get to school/hospital at 6:30!
  5. If you got a dollar for every time some asked "why not become a doctor?"
    You would have enough money to pay off all of your student loans
  6. Friends/family come to you with all their health questions
  7. Nothing beats the moment when your clinical preceptor is proud of you.
  8. Except maybe when you get to help a patient
    Or when they thank you for being there!
  9. And despite all the stress, you couldn't be happier to be where you are.