Thoughts During Sdcc Open Registration

It's that magical time of year: the lotto for Comic-Con tickets
  1. Ha! That's a funny reference you put in that update bar
    Deadpool, The Walking Dead, Matt the Radar Technician. Pulling out all the stops to get people hooked.
  2. The 9 o'clock shuffle
    The hopes are still high
  3. Keep spinning little blue circle!
    Your only semblance that the site is still working when nothing else has changed.
  4. Thanks for the helpful updates little yellow box.
    It's nice to know that registration has actually started for some lucky individuals.
  5. Let me check to make sure I have my member ID and my form of payment on hand.
    What if by some twisted fate I forget or can't find either when I get into the registration room???
  6. Let's make that an if. IF I get in.
  7. Shut up little yellow box!
    You are beginning to sound facetious. Your tips are very condescending. Stop reminding me that I haven't been placed in the registration room yet.
  8. From here it can go two ways...
  9. (Hopefully) Yay! I got in and am going to XYZ days!!!!
    Me the past two years. Well technically my friend got them but whatever.
  10. Or
  11. Yellow box: "preview night and Saturday are sold out"
    Well those days are way too crowded I could live without them.
  12. "Friday is sold out"
    Well that's okay I guess. I mainly just need Thursday and Sunday to have my floor day and my Supernatural panel day...
  13. "Thursday and Sunday are sold out"
  14. But then I remember there are tons of free things I can do without badges!
    Like the exhibits outside of the convention center! Nerd HQ (all proceeds go to Operation Smile)! People watch at a downtown restaurant!
  15. But I will still state longingly at the convention center every time I pass by it.