Inspired by @xtineengels
  1. Three Padres Bobbleheads
  2. Photobombed by alcohol
  3. Alcohol
  4. Baby Groot
  5. Rocket Raccoon
  6. Robin Hood
  7. Hawkeye and Wasp
  8. Black Widow and Another Hawkeye
  9. ANOTHER Hawkeye
  10. Guatemalan Flute
  11. Cinderella Carriage
  12. Hamiltome
  13. Various small figurines
  14. Babs Tarr Batgirl poster (signed)
  15. James Dean quote
  16. Wash and Kaylee
  17. Outlander fan
  18. That thing in cricket they try to hit
    A wicket? I don't know #merica
  19. Laundry
  20. Basically my desk is an excuse for me to horde things and be lazy instead of actually accomplishing something