for when we can pop in and out with teleporters or air whalers. looking for people with similar taste to timeshare
  1. Corfu ~ July
    Just a small cottage with barely any divide between interior and exterior spaces almost like the ruins nearby. A kitchen garden and a goat. Novels and the sight of the sea. Path to secluded swimming hole
  2. North Haven, ME ~ August
    Grandma's house already perfection, could only be enhanced by zero family members around other than grandma if she want hang out and nap a lot (already our disposition). Blueberry pie a la mode for breakfast everyday.
  3. Park Slope Brooklyn, NY ~ Sept, November -December 14th
    I just imagine PS will be the most unchanged place in future Brooklyn. My brownstone will be a haven for friends who need a semi-perm place to crash. I will keep a room in the top back and we will have so much fun together and visiting with other friends all around. Rotating artist or witch living in the basement for free - except they have to donate a portrait to the house or a blessing. An ever expanding family of loved ones. Plus this is fun NYC wintertime- the Friday & Saturday of winter.
  4. Washington, DC ~ June 15th-30th & December 15th-30th.
    I would like a landing pad here like Olga Hirshhorns Mouse House so I can hang with my family and celebrate my birthday and holidays. Can catch up with museums, politics, Clyde's chili
  5. Echo Park Los Angeles, CA ~ April-June 14th, October
    I will find a husband who tends to the plants and me whenever I visit which will be all the time because this will be my homebase. We have outside dinner parties and send the kids to a good school and take the dogs on long walks around the lake and Elysian park. Very grounding and wholesome.
  6. The North Pole ~ February 1-15th
    A glass igloo where the sled dogs and I watch the northern lights and share a sleeping bag with my special someone. The sleeping bag isn't like a normal plastic one they have nowadays it I'll be lined with fake fur and within reaching distance of a remote connected to the bare necessities. Nothing says Valentine's Day like recommitting to each other in a land of eternal night. Also can finish writing late holiday thank you notes as VDay cards
  7. USS Enterprise ~ January
    Start off the year visiting distance planets and problem solving engineering troubles and possibly alien culture wars. Will keep me on my toes and force me to lose holiday weight fast to keep trim in my uniform onesie. Love triangle between me, Jean-Luc & Q
  8. Travel ~ February 16th until the end of March
    Every year for about six weeks I'll live somewhere new and immerse myself deeply in the culture(s). First stops will include India, Japan, New Zealand, Australian reefs, 1550 BC Egypt, Tibet, Tralfamador, and the vast estate of Bruce Wayne's canopy.