I missed the day they taught decimal points. When I came back I looked at those dots and said to myself, "one day I will totally know what everyone is talking about."
  1. Driving On The Freeway On Purpose
  2. Not Saying "Literally"
  3. Keeping Track Of My Checking Account
  4. Having An Exercise Routine
  5. Understanding The Strategy Of Winning On eBay
    Ppl are buying their own stuff back, when the bidding does not go up high enough, right? Because I'll lose and then it will get relisted. Trying to believe it's not something I should take personally.
  6. Not Calling My Dad Crying When I Do My Taxes
  7. Having A White Light Spiritual Experience
  8. Having Children
  9. Marriage
  10. Understanding Health Insurance Deductibles
  11. Not Eating Animals
  12. Having White Teeth
  13. Going On A Cruise
  14. Understanding Grammar
    Specifically : ; - '
  15. Learning How To Properly Meditate
    Rn choosing to "meditate" = when I hit the snooze button
  16. Reading War & Peace
  17. Resolving This Adult (Los Angeles?) Acne
  18. Buying A Car
    I inherited Subie the 2001 Subaru
  19. Taking Ayahuasca
  20. Establishing A Literary "Voice"
  21. Meeting Prince William