Draft week entry courtesy of @john , I don't understand catcalling at all, this is my attempt to get it
  1. "Hey, how's your day?"
  2. "Really fantastic use of a crosswalk!"
  3. "Hey cat, don't climb that tree, you'll get stuck!"
    Good advice when you see a cat about to tree itself.
  4. "I hide my insecurity by shouting inappropriate things at women I don't know, do you agree this is unacceptable behavior?"
  5. "Here kitty kitty kitty."
    Assuming you actually have a cat and that you are talking to said cat.
  6. "You, yes you, you have a lovely smile and bright light in your eyes!"
  7. "Do you know that in many of the probable parallel universes I kept my stupid mouth shut and didn't yell insipid, insulting, and objectifying comments to women I don't know"
  8. "If I don't yell at you my friends/coworkers will think I'm not shallow enough to continue hiding the fact that we have anxieties and feelings from each other."
  9. "If I was your man I'd treat you with dignity and respect, and wouldn't be happy if strangers yelled at you on the street"