1. If it could anticipate when I need an uber exactly enough minutes before the uber wait time and summon the uber automagically
  2. If it could make a loud noise just before I said something embarrassing/stupid/regrettable
  3. If it's navigation system got me me to the front of the line
  4. If it could sort my grocery list by location in trader joes and alert me when I pass things I need
  5. If it could navigate my car while I looked at texts and made lists
  6. If if negated my need for a wallet
  7. If it rebuilt itself with each update so It wouldn't become obsolete and wouldn't start running slow with the next update
  8. If it could warn me before I went over the edge of next day's hangover cliff
  9. If it could make waze whisper directions while I'm talking on the phone instead of YELLING AT ME.
  10. If it had a built in hand sanitizer dispenser