Everybody has their own version, first you need to determine your French toast 'type'
  1. Are you a brioche, white bread, challah or day old bread base?
  2. Toppings or straight up?
    Fresh fruit, compote, whipped cream, nuts, butter, even bacon
  3. Do you like vanilla, cinnamon, maybe a little milk in the eggs?
  4. Determine optimum levels of browning on the surface
    Note that crust may or may not affect this decision, decision band ranges from soggy to crispy/crunchy
  5. Now canvas the nearby restaurants until you find the closest thing to your French toast type
  6. Go inside and Order French toast
  7. Unless you were permanently wounded as a child and forced to swear allegiance to Ms. Butterworth's corn syrup army ensure 100% maple syrup
    In fact especially if you were deprived...100% maple syrup. If they don't have 100% maple STAND UP AND LEAVE (but be polite and cancel your order).
  8. Befriend the wait staff with healthy tips and a warm demeanor
  9. And slowly but surely over repeated visits suggest those things that need to get tweaked to make it fit your 'type'
  10. Voila! The best French toast!