1. It's definitely disruptive, we like the thesis, but...
  2. Too many founders
  3. So on the competition slide in your deck you say that neither Canada or Mexico are really threats, but I don't see much about the native Americans?
    Oh, you'll negate them with some bait and switch, but you just don't want to put that in writing, in case they see the deck first, that makes sense, I'm with you.
  4. But really, I get that the Canadians aren't threatening but you don't think Spain and Mexico might have issue with you pushing into their market space?
  5. So I know that one key part of the value proposition to consumers is to stop taxation without representation, and this electoral college is a great bait and switch on that, but has there been any thought about when you'll start activating new revenue streams?
  6. Who here has built a government for rapid scaling before? No, I realize several of you including Ben were in the previous one, but that wasn't a startup, that corporation has been established for hundreds of years
  7. Have you thought about possible exits? Maybe build up and sell to the French? I realize that sounds funny even when I say it but they haven't had a strong new Colony in a while and their money still spends.
  8. It seems like the valuation is a bit high, on this growth projection you show getting to more than 50% of the continental land mass in 75-100 years. That's not the kind of rapid growth we like to back, that feels more like a lifestyle business. Can you accelerate ?
  9. Have you guys filed provisional patents on this declaration? Would the Magna Carta be considered prior art?
  10. So this constitution thing I see in phase 2, it is possible that investors in subsequent rounds might want to have some say there, maybe a board seat or a vice presidentship. Are you guys open to that?
  11. Maybe there's an enterprise play here where we setup the government and then sell it back piece by piece to the corporations? Yeah, sounds good? Cool, let's do this.