I think it depends on if you plan to use it for leisure or work/school.
  1. ---------------> leisure adds <------------------
  2. Breakday - between wed and thurs to break up the week and almost like a prefriday
  3. Presaturday -every week is a three day weekend.
  4. Second Sunday
    Like Somonday except no Monday component. Designed to alleviate the Sunday night blues: there's another Sunday coming. And after Second Sunday, we'd probably be a little bored and ready for the week to start.
    Suggested by @bjnovak
  5. ---------------> work/school adds <------------------
  6. Somonday - between Sunday and Monday, lets you catch up on all the work that piled on during the weekend or that wasn't wrapped up last Friday. That way Monday is now about actually getting shit done rather than catching up.
  7. I think a second work/school Friday would be sad, what with the memory of what og Fridays used to feel like before the extra day pushed it into midweek obscurity.
  8. ---------------> votes <------------------
  9. Presaturday presaturday!!!!!
    Suggested by @sky