There is no substitute for trying vr, words pale because it's experiential in a way that often transcends our ability to describe it. That said @joelstein did a great job in his time cover story (and he quoted me 👌). Today's expo marks a watershed moment for this burgeoning industry. Hunt me down if you are going ...
  1. Expo
    This started as a meetup a year ago, less than 100 people attended. Now it's at the convention center. Something is definitely happening.
  2. Presence
    One of the reasons vr matters. You are witnessing rather than watching. You have presence in the experience in an unprecedented way, that makes it more visceral, more impactful, and often more fun.
  3. Agency
    Many experiences allow the user to interact, where you become a part of the experience. Witnessing becomes doing.
  4. Dof (degrees of freedom)
    3 degrees I can look around(rotation). 6 degrees I can move around, look under and around things, etc...
  5. Walk around vr experiences
    Vive. Vive. Htc vive. Valve, the folks who made portal. When you can walk around its real. Transcendent. Profound.
  6. Larger scale vr
    Two bit circus and their racing simulator, vrcade and airflow and the future of location based entertainment, these are out of the living room experiences.
  7. Cameras
    From the myriad 360 gopro rig solutions, jaunt's new version 2, to otoy's ground breaking light field capture using consumer grade hardware, this is the storm before the storm.
  8. Volumetric video - the future of performance
    There will be a panel discussion on this. Capturing real people in real costumes doing real performances. Capturing real lighting from real spaces. Putting it all in the computer. This is a game changer and it's happening now.
  9. Brands
    As @bobbyhundreds mentioned, smart brands are taking notice. When you feel more emotional connection to an experience, the content has much more resonant potential. Many of us in the industry also believe this fosters much greater empathy than any previous medium.
  10. The future of music videos
    @MikeShinoda directed the latest fort minor video in 360 video using a custom gopro rig, viewable from 360 Heros. Bjorks latest video was in vr. Music videos get fun and cutting edge again.
  11. Nausea
    Whispered only, a badly constructed experience can cause motion sickness and nausea in a profound way that is hard to shake. Everyone has a different threshold so be aware of yours and don't hesitate to stop out of an experience if it begins to feel odd. Again this is the exception and a hallmark of bad design or tech limits.