1. the book with no pictures - bj Novak @bjnovak
    Top of the list - spoken in my robot monkey voice
  2. Mr tiger goes wild - Peter brown
    He stops wearing clothes, runs around naked, and then finds a happy compromise in a Hawaiian shirt as those around him get cozy with less clothing. The illustration style is on point.
  3. Herman and rosie - Gus gordon
    It's sweet, musical, and a romantic love letter to both love and NYC.
  4. Olivia and the fairy princesses - Ian falconer
    I loved having my 3 year old able to say 'corporate malfeasance' on demand and I owe it all to Olivia. If my daughter navigates out of princessmaniatown it's likely due in no small part to Olivia.
  5. King bidgood's in the bathtub
    Just for the art would be enough, but it's short, smart, and rich enough to explore.
  6. Sneetches - Dr Seuss
    Just perfect.
  7. Knuffle bunny 1, too, and free - mo willems
    Modern classics about love, life, loss and growing up slowly. I like that it's trixie's story but mostly about her and her dad.
  8. Little blue truck - Alice shertle and Jill mcellenhy
    Some rhymes some animal sounds some lessons on helping each other and a muscle bound toad. Beep beep beep.
  9. Sparkle and spin - Ann and Paul rand
    Designed and written by Ann and Paul rand, it's a graphic design textbook masquerading as a terribly fun book about language.
  10. One thousand things - Anna kovesces
    If a five year old Saul bass had made a list of the first 1000 words to know and illustrated them by theme this would be what that would have looked like.
  11. Some bugs - Angela DiTerlizzi
    Really solid rhymes and the compendium of bugs illustrated and listed at the end gets kids excited about listing and categorization. Feel me?
  12. Thank you octopus - Darren farrell
    Absurd fun and silly short.
  13. Good news bad bews - mo willems
    Mo willems darkest book. Great turn at the end and the kids get to yell at the characters once they know what's happening.
  14. the Simarillion - Jrr Tolkien
    Succinct, easily digested, and worth rereading every few nights because it's such a simple premise. A little lacking in pictures though.
  15. Rosie revere engineer - Andrea Beaty
    Yes women can build things. Yes a book about this can have great illustrations and not be pedantic. Fun.
  16. Stuck - Oliver jeffers
    Another book that's a list of sorts but Oliver Jeffers illustrations are damn fun and so is the constant confounding of expectations in this one.
  17. The fountainhead - ayn rand
    A good primer in empathy, caring about your fellow humans, and the unfettered joy of giving. Good call @JeremyPivot
  18. Dragons Love Tacos
    Fantastic illustrations. Very fun to read. Gets everyone giggling every time.
    Suggested by @mallofamanda
  19. Doug Unplugged, Doug Unplugged on the Farm - Dan Yaccarino
    Doug is robot and learns lots of things while plugged in. But (spoiler alert) he learns more when he unplugs.
    Suggested by @ebsquared