Inspired by @john draft week
  1. Don't talk on your cell phone at a meal
  2. Don't text from a dining table, unless you are alone.
    Or at least excuse yourself and do it below the table level and for really important things like a lost friend, or a list comment, not an Instagram refresh
  3. Eye contact
  4. Smile
  5. If you can't make your reservation call and cancel
  6. If you are late to your reservation call and give the heads up
  7. Please and thank you still apply
  8. No singing along on public transportation while wearing headphones
    Unless you have a really good voice, and not a really good voice because your mom said you do, but more like a second year at Juilliard good voice
  9. Thank you cards still apply (thanks for this one @alibaron ) and are in fact obligatory in many situations
    Because as a man I am terrible at these
  10. Open the door and hold it, no need to worry about gender, just pay attention, it's just nice sometimes
  11. Hold the elevator if someone is running toward it, it's the only one in the building, or their hands are full. You can even ask what floor they're going to, as you're probably pushing a button with a little number on it anyway
  12. My rule - tip buskers if you enjoy the music and say thanks, they just brightened your day, reciprocate
    Unless there is an accordion involved, then it's discretionary unless you are in Europe or South America in which case it still applies.