1. 1- number of men defacating in a crosswalk
    At least he's coloring inside the lines
  2. 2- Number of armed police in front of the only dispensary I've seen in this part of downtown
  3. 3- Number of brinks trucks in 'diamond alley' next to where I park
  4. 4- Number of people driving the same car that i drive
  5. 5- Number of people texting
    Full disclosure - I stopped counting at 5 to even the list
  6. 7- Women putting on makeup or looking at the visor mirror
    3 in the first 3 blocks, actually started this list off
  7. 12 - Number of people driving with the window down (it's 72 degrees and sunny)
  8. 21 - Minutes it takes me to drive 7 miles to work