Inspired by @BoredElonMusk
  1. Msnthrp
    An app that tells when when no one in your social network is around so you can do things like the farmers market quickly and efficiently
  2. CLnr
    Takes any contacts i haven't talked to / emailed/ texted in more than 12 months and puts them in a backup folder.
  3. Parentinder
    Matches me with my kids schoolmates parents and gives me the chance to be friends with them or not based on algorithmic matching
  4. Yyy
    An app that makes up plausible answers to questions my 4 year old asks that are just too existential to really dig into -
  5. 1998
    An app that calls back anyone under retirement age who leaves a voicemail and asks them 'what year is this again'? And then hangs up.