Ask me about any and I'll happily tell the whole story
  1. Convertible mustang popcorn incident pt 1
    My roommate K. Used to come home for lunch from his job at the record store mostly to get stoned and play video games. He drove a beat up late 60s convertible mustang which is awesome to have in SoCal. One day while shopping with my friends mom at Costco I noticed the biggest bags of popcorn id ever seen, about the size of a bean bag. So we bought 5 of them, ostensibly for a party, but I stashed them in the garage which we never used for anything but storage of craps from our parents houses.
  2. Convertible mustang popcorn incident pt 2
    When we came home one day @lunch we snuck out back and filled his car to the door line with popcorn. Only the tips of the seats were visible. We lived on the 2nd floor with a view of the parking so when he ran downstairs late to get back to his shift we got to watch him go from confused, to opening the door and frantically trying to scoop out the popcorn, to screaming obscenities to finally coming back into our apt crying. We were crying too, just different kinds of tears. He called in sick.
  3. Clear packing tape door cover
  4. Shaving cream balloons in the medicine cabinet
  5. Saran Wrap over the toilet
  6. Reshuffle CDs into random cases
  7. Wrote 'I smoke pot' in sharpie on drivers lisence
  8. Sewed the legs of roommates jeans shut
  9. Black sharpie on the mouth of the bong
  10. Replace Ketchup with hotsauce
  11. Swapped rooms while he was out of town
    The effort vs reward ratio on this one was way off
  12. Fish paste in the toothpaste