I left out cover bands as thats a whole other list
  1. Mott the hoople
  2. Not drowning, waving
  3. Uriah heep
  4. Carter the unstoppable sex machine
  5. Goblin cock
  6. Mungo jerry
  7. Badfinger
    The least obvious, it reminds me of a prank call from one of the jerky boys tapes where they kept calling a classic rock station and requesting stinkfinger. Now they are forever commingled and I get to chuckle.
  8. Scritti politti
  9. Oingo Boingo
    Suggested by @ladyprofessor
  10. Great good fine ok.
    Suggested by @sam
  11. AWOTT
    (asian women on the telephone) 📞
    Suggested by @brewer
  12. MC 900 Foot Jesus
    Suggested by @culture_czar
  13. Kakkmaddafakka
    Suggested by @erteterte