1. Pay phones
  2. Lighters held aloft at concerts
  3. Cameras
  4. Standalone gps units
  5. Conversation
    Why talk when you can text?
  6. Remote controls
    Thank goodness
  7. Phone calls to grandparents
    Once they FaceTime they never go back
  8. Manners
    Seriously, turn it off at the dinner table. Or excuse yourself, stand up and walk away and come back when you are done (see manners above)
  9. Pagers
    Remember these kiddies?
  10. Encyclopedias, dictionaries, newspapers
    Bye bye brittanica, hello wikipedia
  11. Timers
    Everything but the hard boiled egg timers. When was the last time you used the oven countdown timer?
  12. Televisions
    Slowly but surely helping the demise of our modern hearth
  13. Semi undocumented childhoods
    There's always a camera and a video camera around to capture every moment, sometimes from multiple angles
  14. Self regulating one's own volume
    I do this too, we almost yell into our phones, oblivious to the fact that no one within earshot or yelling distance cares about what we are saying. I feel like there should be an app that mutes when speaking volume gets over a certain threshold to train us not to yell into these things.
  15. The ability to disconnect
    Try this for a goof - leave the house for a few hours this weekend WITHOUT your cell phone. Even the thought of that causes waves of anxiety.
  16. Flashlight
    Suggested by @dudleyjoshua