Once you've been taken hostage strange symptoms can begin to develop
  1. You empathize with your captors
  2. Empathy makes it such that you will harbor no criticism of your captors or their methods
  3. The longer the captivity the stronger the emotional bond between captor and captives
  4. the captive will resist efforts to separate them from the captor
  5. After a certain point captive's will rationalize their loss of control
  6. By sympathetic bonding with your captors you are no longer captive but rather become compatriots, however illusory. (they are still the master controllers)
  7. You can't explain what a hostage situation feels like to someone who hasn't been held captive
  8. The bonding between hostages is inexplicable, more like foxhole compatriots, it's an almost silent bond (except it's rarely silent)