@HeatherQuinn s awesome la words that lost meaning list LITERALLY pushed me to grab this out of my drafts folder. Most of these words had multiple meanings. For various reasons some of those meanings have won out over time, others just stopped being relevant.
  1. Super
    When applied to size as everything started getting super sized, all of a sudden super became regular. Anything less than super was small or lacking.
  2. Source
    As In attribution. Used to be that you referenced a source that was in some way verifiable. Wikipedia is not inherently a primary source. I love Wikipedia but it's not a primary source, in fact it's tertiary. Referencing a website or an email as source has proven problematic for many folks. Working in visual effects as the medium matured it's now clear that seeing video of something doesn't mean it was real or really happened either, same for photos.
  3. Gay
    Was a time when this meant happy, like what a gay time we had or what a gay party that was even if, well, you get it...
  4. Literally
    Nuff said.already been well covered. Literally does not mean figuratively. Literally, it means literally.
  5. Ironic
    Wearing a culture club shirt from the 80s when you publicly hate but secretly like culture club isn't actually ironic. Confounded expectations are only ironic if the difference is universal and profound, otherwise it's just life.
  6. Grand
    As an adjective I think the soho grand hotel killed this one for me. Sorry, grand actually meant something magnificent and the largest or most important of a kind.
  7. Hipster
    This now means anyone who conforms to trends that are anti trend. I think the closest definition is trying too hard to use your personal style as the sum of your definition or rebellion. Or it's just us kid people calling out folks who sleep off a hangover til noon and drink crappy beer wearing expensive ratty vintage clothing.
  8. Yuppie
    This used to be a crazy insult, someone who was conforming to the norm in pursuit of material success and living in the city in pursuit of that success. Then it became a bit of a badge of honor, now we have norm core and pop collar polos. I daresay its not quite the insult it used to be.
  9. Floppy
    This was the disc we used to move data in the olden days. At its largest it had 768k, which is about 1/1000th of the data on a cd. They stopped being floppy around 1984 with the intro of the Mac, even though they were called floppy, they were made of hard plastic.
  10. Snatch
    As in 'to grab' you perverts. In this case the slang usage has trumped the original to the point where you can't really say it in public. To paraphrase George carlin you used to be able to tell someone you were gonna snatch her finger but you can't publicly tell her you're going to finger her...well...you get it.
  11. Queer used to mean uniquely odd. Then it moved to sexual preference and we lost that word. THE word has been gay for a long time (I first learned it from friends in the 60's) now I'd like queer back. It can't be a poor choice for homosexual and a poor choice for odd at the same time. That gives it no meaning.
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  12. Awesome.
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