RuPaul's Drag Race is my favorite television show. I was honored to appear as a guest judge one season.
  1. I made RuPaul laugh.
    I can't remember what I said but I could tell it was a genuine laugh and it made my day.
  2. I got to see my favorite segment (Snatch Game) live.
    Adore Delano's Anna Nicole Smith impression was like performance art. I could have watched it forever.
  3. I got to say "Eleganza" on national television.
  4. I learned that RuPaul wears sweatpants while sitting at the judge's table.
  5. I witnessed weird reality show things first hand.
    The contestants are not allowed to speak during down time. This was totally unnerving at first. When I walked on the set I waved and said hello. None of the girls responded. At first I thought it was a particularly bitchy crop of Drag Queens but eventually realized they aren't allowed to say anything when the cameras aren't rolling.
  6. Matthieu Anderson (RuPaul's creative director) took my photo and told me that, "the ditzy blonde look is working for you!"
    Big compliment!