Gifts I've given and received.
  1. Anything from Creative Growth
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    There was a terrific article about this place in last week's @nytimes's magazine. I've been a fan for years. to learn more about this organization and the artists.
  2. Le Feu de L'eau candles
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    The scents are incredible. They have everything from smoke to Rose. The larger sizes are pricey but the 2.85 oz candles are more affordable.
  3. Louise Bourgeois dish towel
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    The company Third Drawer Down makes great products with terrific artists.
  4. Bud vase from Heath Ceramics
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    I 💓 Heath Ceramics.
  5. Karen Kimmel Magnet Set
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    What a cool, artful way to fancy up your refrigerator!
  6. Ross dish towels
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    They look great AND they absorb a lot of water.