Los Angeles Edition
  1. Garden of Allah- Mansion turned hotel for Hollywood elite. It was located at the corner of Crescent Heights and Sunset. Purportedly the inspiration for "paved paradise put up a parking lot."
  2. Pickfair- home of Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford. Pia Zadora tore it down.
  3. The Source- Health food restaurant and home base for the Source Family cult. Restaurant makes an appearance in Annie Hall. Watch the documentary about the Source Family. Now Cabo Cantina.
  4. The Brown Derby. Restaurant/club shaped like a hat! It still stands on Wilshire Blvd but they built a shopping mall around it.
  5. Ambassador Hotel- Famed hotel. Home of the Cocoanut Grove and Paul Williams-designed coffee shop. Location of RFK's assassination. Torn down and replaced with a high school.
  6. Ponyland
    Rickety amusement park and petting zoo populated with overfrd and cranky geese on the site of the beverly center
    Suggested by   @richardrushfield
  7. Chasens
    Started by a vaudeville clown. Signature dish at the miost glamorous restaurant on earth- hobo steak. Steak wrapped in bacon cooked at your table in one stick of butter
    Suggested by   @richardrushfield
  8. Beverly Hills Speedway. According to Wikipedia the site was bounded by Wilshire Boulevard, South Beverly Drive, Olympic Boulevard and Lasky Drive
  9. Gilmore Stadium
    Former home of the Los Angeles Bulldogs (LA's first football team) and midget car races. The site is now home to CBS Television City.
  10. Hollywood Star Lanes
    The bowling alley in "The Big Lebwoski." Torn down by the LAUSD. Now the site of a Junior High. Between the loss of the Ambassador Hotel and this place, I have realized the Los Angeles School District may be the real villain of this list. Suggested by @gilbaron