So I saw BJ Novak's taco list and I realized I need to make a list of my own... So I'm starting with something I know well. It helps that I'm from the greatest North American taco eating city ever - San Antonio and that I'm half Hispanic. Sorry you won't see pictures of my food. I eat my food.
  1. Beef such as carne guisada, barbacoa, beef fajitas,
  2. It needs Cheese or sour cream or guacamole or all
  3. Fewer vegetables the better. No vegetables are best! Sorry vegetarians.
  4. Eggs, beans, pico de gallo, picadillo are acceptable items to throw in
  5. Big red or beer is the beverage to go with
  6. Chicken fajitas are great too
  7. Bean and cheese tacos are my kids favorite. Better than pizza or a hamburger.
  8. Can't forget flour tortillas, made by someone that knows flour tortillas. Corn tortilla if its barbacoa.
  9. Best time to eat tacos is anytime but especially breakfast time. I love chorizo and egg tacos :-)