Emojis are life.
  1. 🎈
    Fun, wild and free. Like me! A little independent balloon too.
  2. 😊
    Only bc I use it a lot. Throw this into any conversation to make it seem better and happier than it is.
  3. ❤️
    I also throw this one around a lot. Hey, I gotta lot of love to give. Emojis don't judge.
  4. 😘
    See line item above
  5. 👯
    These girls are having FUN. Pretty much an iconic outfit and pose at this point.
  6. 🙋
    She's saying so many things. Hi, what about me, what are we doing, where are you, let's hang out, bye girl. You get it. She's great.
  7. 💁
    And you always remember the raising your hand girl as this girl who is really the sassiest information desk girl alive
  8. 🙅
    Or just ignore you completely. Bye Felicia
  9. 💅
    Girl got her nails did. It's amazing this emoji took on fleek. Love it
  10. 👑
    Yas Queen
  11. 🐣
    Good for any occasion. And cute but also like what are you talking about happy chicken face
  12. 🐕
    I should really use these emojis that look life lifelike. Under utilized
  13. 💐
    When you have done something wrong, always bouquet
  14. ⛄️
    Holiday emojis run my life. Also is the emoji next to my name in my sisters phone and Instagram bio. #christmasslut
  15. 🔥💥
    The quickest way to say something is better than good. Boom. Fire. Etc. obv one here but glad it exists
  16. 🍕🍫
    These are probably my favorite food ones bc chocolate and the people like pizza
  17. 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷
    All of the wine. Recently gotten into white. Can we get a white wine please emoji gods
  18. 🎂
    HBD when you're too lazy to call but need to put a lot of emojis in the text to show your excitement
  19. 🎉
    Definitely in my top 5. This emoji is the definition of fun. Again just makes everything better. This one gets so much play
  20. 🏄🏊🏄🚴🚵
    Cool I don't really use any of these. They are adding a weight lifter girl. So ftw on that
  21. 🎫💳📃📑📅📄📖📰🗞
    When you read the fine print on these things, they get really into apples history. Buy emoji stickers. You can read them well on there
  22. 🐒
    I like him
  23. 🎮
    This too
  24. 🐧
    Favorite animal. But I need more body
  25. 🙌👏🙏
    The ultimate emojis when received.
  26. 👌
    Understood. Nice job. This is a good positive neutral emoji
  27. 😒
    Never need to put conflict or disgust into words again. Emojis have saved my communication life
  28. 👭
    Best friends. Should use more sparingly but don't. I have a lot of best friends ok
  29. 🦄
    New emojis coming soooon. Can't wait to show off some new faves. Crayon and upside down smiley face on the way
  30. 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃
  31. Also 🙄
    Eye roll for days.