May 4th, 2015 jewels.
  1. Have we been expecting too little of our coffee shops?
  2. If I lived back in the days of public executions, and I was able to go to one, I hope that I wouldn't do anything to bring dishonor on myself or my fellow-rabble
  3. This is the landscape after people, you think. This is the landscape toward the end of the fish, in the last years of the birds, at the beginning of the dust.
  4. Bertineau seems happiest, however, when cooking the whole animal.
  5. Indeed, Alain said to himself, even in mid-coitus the length of the thighs endows woman with the romantic magic of the inaccessible.
  6. Who is Ultron? What is he?
  7. ...and the guy with the bow and arrow (Jeremy Renner), whose name I can never remember.
  8. With Madame Bovary, you pretty much have to say who her parents were. With Sponge Bob, you don't, and this keeps the story moving.