Because an excellent lipstick can tie your whole being together
  1. Wild Ginger by Tom Ford
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    It's the perfect orange-red, and I never would have discovered it had Neiman Marcus sent me "Red Square" by Nars (I think) which is what I originally ordered, but hey thanks for the pricey makeup, NM. Also the cap fell off in my purse and part of the tube melted, which is why I can't have nice things.
  2. Tangerine by Bite
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    Impulse buy at Sephora. It's a sample-size, and I like it because it's a super bright orange-red that's artificial and pretty.
  3. Red Lizard by Nars
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    The Holy Grail of red lipsticks. It's dark (but not goth) and it's semi-matte.
  4. Black Honey by Clinique
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    Basically just looks like you ate a blackberry.
  5. Ruby Woo by Mac
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    In my 7th grade yearbook, a girl in my class named Kelly was quoted saying her favorite makeup was MAC because "it's expensive," and I'll never not think of Kelly whenever I buy MAC products because wtf, Kelly? Regardless, Ruby Woo is the bomb. Perfect cherry red.
  6. Chili by Mac
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    Brown-red that reminds me autumn.
  7. Lively by Tarte
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    This color is a super pop-y pink, but it's kind of drying so make sure to double up on lip balm before applying.