1. How to carry myself during a conference call
  2. How to respectfully ask if things are free
  3. Kelly Oxford's hair
  4. Tumblr bedrooms
  5. How satellites really work
  6. Space
  7. How to write fiction using first person POV and not seem like a terrible human
  8. West Hollywood
  9. Why everyone says the sushi at Katsuya (in Studio City) is very great
  10. In-n-Out's weak French fry game
  11. If I ACTUALLY "want that with onions"
  12. If my love for my cat is real
  13. How to pull off "firm e-mail voice" in real life
  14. Bitcoin
  15. If I'm an introvert or an extrovert and if it's okay if I'm neither
  16. If my MFA was worth it
  17. 'Middlemarch'
    I got through 300 pages and just couldn't read on. I wanted to see what others thought about the novel on Goodreads, as one does, and someone wrote, "Middlemarch is the greatest novel ever written and those who don't appreciate it just don't understand literature" and it was a super dumb review but sometimes I wonder if I just don't understand literature.
  18. When it's appropriate to hug people
  19. Why Bob Dylan and Joan Baez didn't make it
  20. How to believe in oneself in a non-hokey way